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HAPIT: Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool

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HAPIT: Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool

Characterizing PATS+ sensor responses to air pollutants and integrating stove usage data for household energy assessments.

Household Air Pollution and Health in Laos

An Overview of HAPIT: Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool

Design and implementation of household air pollution intervention studies in relation to birth outcomes: Results from Phase I activities in Ghana and India

What determines the adoption and continued use of advanced clean cookstoves?

An Initial Assessment of Winter Trends in Indoor Particulate Pollution (PM2.5) in the Ger Region of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Evaluating the impacts of an advanced stove intervention on traditional cooking patterns and pollutant exposures in India using Stove Use Monitors

A robust, low-cost particle monitor and data platform for evaluation of cookstove performance

Modeling Personal Exposure to Fine Particulates and Carbon Monoxide from Cookstove Smoke in Rural Highlands of Guatemalan Mothers using Simple Low Cost Sensors

Research on the synergy of water pasteurization and improved cook stoves for providing safe drinking water and improved indoor air quality.

PM2.5 Exposure in an Indian Urban Slum Community

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