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Particulates and anaemia in India (Invited Commentary)

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Particulates and anaemia in India (Invited Commentary)

Bill McKibben previsualizes a world without combustion

Child Survival and Early Lifetime Exposures to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter in India: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Association between personal exposure to household air pollution and gestational blood pressure among women using solid cooking fuels in rural Tamil Nadu, India

Indoor and Ambient Air Pollution in Chennai, India during COVID-19 Lockdown: An Affordable Sensors Study

LRB: 26 Pieces for COP26

From Air Quality Sensors to Sensor Networks: Things We Need to Learn

Aerosols in the Skies after Krakatoa

PMUY beneficiaries get 3 free LPG cylinders in response to COVID-19

ABODE: Air Burden of Disease Explorer

The Colonial Roots of India’s Air Pollution Crisis

The use of bluetooth low energy Beacon systems to estimate indirect personal exposure to household air pollution

Impacts of household sources on air pollution at village and regional scales in India

Burden of disease at the same limit of exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons varies significantly across countries depending on the gap in longevity

Modeling the Impact of an Indoor Air Filter on Air Pollution Exposure Reduction and Associated Mortality in Urban Delhi Household

Indian annual ambient air quality standard is achievable by completely mitigating emissions from household sources

John Balmes: Don’t Let a Killer Pollutant Loose

Understanding Air Pollution with Art: “The Air of the Anthropocene” and “Mutual Air”

Indian Election Analysis: Election manifestos feature air plan but little action on ground

Energy and Health in the 2019 BJP Manifesto

New Yorker: The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes

Science vs Fringe Thinking: EPA Science Panel Considering Guidelines That Upend Basic Air Pollution Science

Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-based solutions

Tracking ambient PM2.5 build-up in Delhi national capital region during the dry season over 15 years using a high-resolution (1 km) satellite aerosol dataset

Emissions from village cookstoves in Haryana, India and their potential impacts on air quality

The gains in life expectancy by ambient PM2.5 pollution reductions in localities in Nigeria

Small, Smart, Fast, and Cheap: Microchip-Based Sensors to Estimate Air Pollution Exposures in Rural Households

The impact of household cooking and heating with solid fuels on ambient PM2.5 in peri-urban Beijing

The health burden and economic costs averted by ambient PM2.5 pollution reductions in Nagpur, India

Air pollution-related health and climate benefits of clean cookstove programs in Mozambique

NYT: The Return of London’s Fog

Conditional cash transfers for energy poverty… and murder reduction

Edible Geographies: Ye Olde Smog Meringue

Field Notes – Measuring Village Air Pollution in Bajada Pahari

British Pathe’s films on smog and air pollution

NYT: Urban Air Pollution in Delhi, India

Some more graphs of Beijing’s Air Pollution

Laboratory and Field Evaluation of the Particle and Temperature Sensor (PATS+) System: A Portable, Robust, and Low-cost Platform for Monitoring Combustion-related Household Air Pollution

What determines the adoption and continued use of advanced clean cookstoves?

Rim Fire images from NASA & the KPCC Fire Tracker

China to spend $277 billion to curb air pollution

Thomas Prior’s Insane Photos from Fireworks in Tultepec, Mexico & El Torito de Antigua

Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China

A robust, low-cost particle monitor and data platform for evaluation of cookstove performance

Air Quality in Delhi

In Focus: China’s Toxic Sky

Tackling the world’s forgotten killer

Why we shouldn’t compare Beijing in 2013 to mid-20th century London, Pittsburgh, and Chicago

NASA/NOAA: Smog in China, as seen from space

The great Beijing ‘fog’: dispatches from around the web

Beijing’s Air Quality hits “Crazy Bad” status again

Air Quality in London During the Olympics

Rains in China + Changes in Air Quality in Beijing

Dave Pell’s NextDraft: Meet Me in the City

China’s Air Quality Dilemma

Guardian Blog: Once the smoke clears: how clean cookstoves can transform lives

NYT Editorial on Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

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