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Posts from 2017

Short-Term Introduction of Air Pollutants from Fireworks During Diwali in Rural Palwal, Haryana, India: A Case Study

Clean Cooking and the SDGs: integrated analytical approaches to guide energy interventions for health and environment goals

The potential health benefits of lower household air pollution after a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cookstove intervention

Small, Smart, Fast, and Cheap: Microchip-Based Sensors to Estimate Air Pollution Exposures in Rural Households

The Impact of Household Energy Interventions on Health and Finances in Haryana, India: An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Household Air Pollution from Solid Cookfuels and Health

The impact of household cooking and heating with solid fuels on ambient PM2.5 in peri-urban Beijing

Evaluating a clean cookstove intervention program in Lao PDR

The health burden and economic costs averted by ambient PM2.5 pollution reductions in Nagpur, India

Air pollution-related health and climate benefits of clean cookstove programs in Mozambique

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