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Using high-frequency household surveys to describe energy use in rural North India during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Using high-frequency household surveys to describe energy use in rural North India during the COVID-19 pandemic

Visualizing Field Data Collection Procedures of Exposure and Biomarker Assessments for the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Trial in India

Repeated assessment of PM2.5 in Guatemalan kitchens cooking with wood: Implications for measurement strategies

Biomass Smoke Exposure and Atopy among Young Children in the Western Highlands of Guatemala: A Prospective Cohort Study

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Biomass for Cooking and Effects on Birth Weight.

Indoor Air Pollution and Health: Bridging Perspectives from Developing and Developed Countries.

Exposure Contrasts of Pregnant Women during the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Randomized Controlled Trial

Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) Randomized Controlled Trial

Targeting Pregnancy and Marriage with Clean Fuels: A Pilot Study in Maharashtra, India

Newborn Stove Project (NBSP)

Association between personal exposure to household air pollution and gestational blood pressure among women using solid cooking fuels in rural Tamil Nadu, India

LPG stove and fuel intervention among pregnant women reduce fine particle air pollution exposures in three countries: Pilot results from the HAPIN trial

Barriers to and facilitators of uptake and sustained use of LPG through the PMUY in tribal communities of Pune district

Modeling approaches and performance for estimating personal exposure to household air pollution: A case study in Kenya

Towards safe drinking water and clean cooking for all

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clean fuel programmes in India and ensuring sustainability for household energy needs

Boiled or Bottled: Regional and Seasonal Exposures to Drinking Water Contamination and Household Air Pollution in Rural China

Incentivizing Elimination of Biomass Cooking Fuels with a Reversible Commitment and a Spare LPG Cylinder

Marriage-based pilot clean household fuel intervention in India for improved pregnancy outcomes

Using longitudinal survey and sensor data to understand the social and ecological determinants of clean fuels use and discontinuance in rural Ghana

Using repeat surveys to assess the impact of COVID‐19 on household energy use in Jharkhand, India

Sometimes, you get the unexpected.

Everybody stacks: Lessons from household energy case studies to inform design principles for clean energy transitions

PMUY beneficiaries get 3 free LPG cylinders in response to COVID-19

Machine-learned modeling of PM2.5 exposures in rural Lao PDR

Modeling the Impact of an Indoor Air Filter on Air Pollution Exposure Reduction and Associated Mortality in Urban Delhi Household

Indian annual ambient air quality standard is achievable by completely mitigating emissions from household sources

Air Pollution and Impact Analysis of a Pilot Stove Intervention: Report to the Ministry of Health and Inter-Ministerial Clean Stove Initiative of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Quantifying the Health Impacts of ACE-1 Biomass and Biogas Stoves in Cambodia


WHO Homes Model

WHO Performance Targets (PT) Model

Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool (HAPIT)

The Pink Key: a low-cost stove use monitor to enable conditional cash transfers

Daily average exposures to carbon monoxide from combustion of biomass fuels in rural households of Haryana, India

The Impact of Household Energy Interventions on Health and Finances in Haryana, India: An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

The impact of household cooking and heating with solid fuels on ambient PM2.5 in peri-urban Beijing

Evaluating a clean cookstove intervention program in Lao PDR

Air pollution-related health and climate benefits of clean cookstove programs in Mozambique

Probe-based measurements of moisture in dung fuel for emissions measurements.

Impacts of Household Sources on Outdoor Pollution at Village and Regional Scales in India

Household Air Pollution Exposures of Pregnant Women Receiving Advanced Combustion Cookstoves in India: Implications for Intervention

Conditional cash transfers for energy poverty… and murder reduction

Field Notes – Measuring Village Air Pollution in Bajada Pahari

NYT: Urban Air Pollution in Delhi, India

Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China

Traditional cooking and household energy use in the Library of Congress online archives

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