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Posts from 2018

Measuring personal exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) among rural Honduran women: a field evaluation of the Ultrasonic Personal Aerosol Sampler (UPAS)

Emissions from village cookstoves in Haryana, India and their potential impacts on air quality

Monitoring and modeling of household air quality related to use of different cookfuels in Paraguay

The Pink Key: a low-cost stove use monitor to enable conditional cash transfers

Household fuel use and pulmonary tuberculosis in Nepal: A case-control study

Using personal exposure measurements of particulate matter to estimate health impacts associated with cooking in peri-urban Accra, Ghana

Environmental and Occupational Health in Global Health: Disease, Programs, Systems, and Policies (4th Edition)

Daily average exposures to carbon monoxide from combustion of biomass fuels in rural households of Haryana, India

The gains in life expectancy by ambient PM2.5 pollution reductions in localities in Nigeria

Molecular Composition of Particulate Matter Emissions from Dung and Brushwood Burning Household Cookstoves in Haryana, India

You don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect.