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ABODE: Air Burden of Disease Explorer

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ABODE: Air Burden of Disease Explorer

Comparison of next‐generation portable pollution monitors to measure exposure to PM2.5 from household air pollution in Puno, Peru

Machine-learned modeling of PM2.5 exposures in rural Lao PDR

Modeling the Impact of an Indoor Air Filter on Air Pollution Exposure Reduction and Associated Mortality in Urban Delhi Household

Indian annual ambient air quality standard is achievable by completely mitigating emissions from household sources

John Balmes: Don’t Let a Killer Pollutant Loose

Understanding Air Pollution with Art: “The Air of the Anthropocene” and “Mutual Air”

Washington Post: If I were still working at the EPA, I would resign

Tracking ambient PM2.5 build-up in Delhi national capital region during the dry season over 15 years using a high-resolution (1 km) satellite aerosol dataset

Measuring personal exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) among rural Honduran women: a field evaluation of the Ultrasonic Personal Aerosol Sampler (UPAS)

Monitoring and modeling of household air quality related to use of different cookfuels in Paraguay

Some more graphs of Beijing’s Air Pollution

China to spend $277 billion to curb air pollution

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