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Energy and Health in the 2019 BJP Manifesto

Energy and Health in the 2019 BJP Manifesto

The BJP’s Manifesto was released in the last few days. A little hard to hunt down, initially, though a PDF is hosted at documentcloud.

In a section that is partly a list of achievements and partly a description of next steps:

We have evolved technologically better strategies and devices to map the level of pollution in cities and rivers and have taken effective steps to reduce the level of pollution in major cities, including the national capital. We will convert the National Clean Air Plan into a Mission and we will focus on 102 most polluted cities in the country. Through concerted action, we will reduce the level of pollution in each of the mission cities by at least 35% over the next five years.

Another part of he Manifesto is framed around 75 milestones for India’s 75th anniversary, including some focusing on health, energy, air pollution, and water & sanitation.

Under Infrastructure:

Ensure a pucca house to every family.
Ensure the LPG gas cylinder connection to all poor rural households.
Ensure 100% electrification of all households.
Ensure a toilet in every household.
Ensure access to safe and potable drinking water for all households.
Bharat Mission to achieve ODF+ (Open Defecation Free) and ODF++ in cities and villages.
Ensure ODF status for all villages and cities.

Under good governance:

Work towards substantially reducing the current levels of air pollution.
Work towards completely eliminating crop residue burning to reduce air pollution.

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