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“And so on. Or else.”

Posts tagged environment

“And so on. Or else.”

Washington Post: Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

Deregulation in the Trump era – and rolling it back

Fresh Air: Biden’s Plan To Enact A Climate Agenda

Indian Election Analysis: Election manifestos feature air plan but little action on ground

Energy and Health in the 2019 BJP Manifesto

A running list of how President Trump is changing environmental policy

Washington Post: If I were still working at the EPA, I would resign

Pictures of Lake Tahoe during the drought

LED lighting: an accelerated learning curve?

NYT: “Emissions From India Will Increase”

Paulson on Climate Change and the Price of Inaction

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver on Climate Change, Scientific Consensus

The Nation: Naomi Klein on Climate Change

Daniel Stoupin’s Slow Life

Lisa Jackson on the Moth

Earth Island Journal’s Conversation with Naomi Klein

EIA: World petroleum use sets record high in 2012 despite declines in North America and Europe

John Nelson’s A Breathing Earth

NYT • Past EPA Administrators: The US “must move now on substantive steps to curb climate change, at home and internationally.”

EIA: World energy consumption will increase 56% by 2040

The ‘Social Cost Of Carbon’ Is Almost Double What The Government Previously Thought

Stories To Mark 60 Years Since First Summit Of Everest

The Koch coke pile in Detroit

NYT Public Editor’s Journal: For Times Environmental Reporting, Intentions May Be Good but the Signs Are Not

Ella Chou: What Would China’s Carbon Tax Regime Look Like

Traditional cooking and household energy use in the Library of Congress online archives

Climate Change in Obama’s 2013 State of the Union

Wind industry installs almost 5,300 MW of capacity in December

EPA Releases its “Climate Change Adaptation Plan”

EPA: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Large Facilities

The Drive Back from Bear Valley

Air Quality in Delhi

In Focus: China’s Toxic Sky

In 2011, China consumed nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined

Another thought-provoking climate post from David Roberts

Your Warming World

Nicholas Stern: ‘I got it wrong on climate change – it’s far, far worse’

David Roberts: The 14 fossil-fuel projects poised to seriously damage the climate

Climate change and sustainable energy in President Obama’s second inaugural address

Why we shouldn’t compare Beijing in 2013 to mid-20th century London, Pittsburgh, and Chicago

NASA/NOAA: Smog in China, as seen from space

The great Beijing ‘fog’: dispatches from around the web

Beijing’s Air Quality hits “Crazy Bad” status again

NYT dissolves environment desk

The Imported Landscapes of Petur Thomsen

Memories for the Future: Documenting what was lost during the Tohoku quake & tsunami

If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month

On the Cold Front: Photos of Receding Glaciers


Gary Snyder in the Paris Review

Some gems from President Obama

Interactive, motion-filled US Windmap

NYTimes: Low Tide


Not compromise, but capitulation.

Assessing Willingness to Pay for Environmental Health Interventions

athabascan tar sands = “energy insanity”

You don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect.